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Companion For Pokhara University Students

PU Assist is a mobile application which put together syllabus, progress tracking with results, old question collection including community and friends for sharing question-answers in an application as well as notify students with college events and notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQs asked by the users and its answers are given by us to solve your doubts.

Select from the following list of question. Browse through the FAQs to find answer to commonly raised questions.

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Final Assignment.2022-12-20T09:43:39+00:00
  • Course Roundup
  • Firebase Introduction.
  • Final Assignment.
Publishing to the App Stores.2022-12-20T09:42:45+00:00
  • Module Introduction.
  • Preparing the Code.
  • Preparing the App Configuration.
  • Preparing Third-Party Services.
  • Adding Icons & Splash Screens.
  • Publishing Android Apps.
  • Google Play console explained.
  • Publishing iOS Apps.
  • App Store Explained.
  • Wrap Up.
Local Database (sqlite)2022-12-20T09:40:52+00:00
  • Introduction.
  • Preparing SQLite database with sqflite.
  • Android setup.
  • Ios Setup.
  • Storing & Fetching Data with SQLite. (CRUD)
  • Offline backup our ecommerce application products.
  • Assignments.
  • Wrap Up.
Utilizing Native Features Like Camera, Maps, Location2022-12-20T09:38:48+00:00
  • Chapter Introduction.
  • Image and File picker setup.
  • IOS Permissions.
  • Android Permissions.
  • Using Image Picker & The Device Camera.
  • Managing Data & Images via the Provider Package.
  • Storing the Image on the Filesystem (on the Device).
  • Assignment.
Sending HTTP Requests. (API and JSON parsing)2022-12-20T07:34:53+00:00
  • Module Introduction.
  • How to Connect Flutter to a Database.
  • Preparing Our Backend.
  • How To Send Http Requests.
  • Using the Http Package.
  • Sending POST Requests
  • Working with Futures in Dart.
  • Asynchronous Programming.
  • Futures & Async Code.
  • Http Requests & Future
  • Showing a Loading Indicator
  • Handling Errors Gracefully
  • Working with “async” & “await”.
  • Fetching Data, initState & “of(context)”
  • How to Parse Fetched Data.
  • Implementing Pull-to-Refresh
  • Assignment.
  • Wrap Up
Working With Grids and Listis of Daraz App2022-12-20T07:31:00+00:00
  • Overview.
  • Planning the application.
  • Gridview builder.
  • Grid delegates.
  • Custom Grid tiles for e-commerce.
  • Nested Scroll Views.
  • Item Click Handlers.
  • Navigation to Product Pages.
  • Wrap Up.
Sate Mangement and Navigation2022-12-20T07:28:24+00:00
  • Topic Introduction.
  • Planning the App
  • Adding Navigation to the App
  • Why State Management? And what is “State” and “State Management”?
  • Understanding the “GetX” Package & Approach
  • Rx In Dart.
  • Obeserables.
  • Routing and Navigations.
Responsive and Adaptive UI.2022-12-20T07:24:48+00:00
  • Background on the topic.
  • What do “Responsive” and “Adaptive” Mean?
  • Calculating Sizes Dynamically
  • Working with the “textScaleFactor”
  • Using the LayoutBuilder Widget
  • Responsiveness
  • Respecting the Softkeyboard Insets
  • Controlling the Device Orientation
  • Showing Different Content Based on Device Orientation
  • Using the Device Size in Conditions
  • Managing the MediaQuery Object
  • Checking the Device Platform
  • Using the SafeArea.
Widgets, styling, logics along with a Daraz Clone.2022-12-20T07:28:39+00:00
  • Chapter Introduction.
  • Overview of core Flutter Widgets.
  • Combining Widgets.
  • Columns and Rows.
  • Containers and Styling.
  • Text and Styling.
  • Mapping Data Into Widgets.
  • Building a Custom List Item.
  • Containers vs Columns vs Rows.
  • Installing External Packages & Formatting Dates.
  • Working with ListViews
  • Scroll Views.
  • Showing a Modal Bottom Sheet.
  • Improving & Styling the Modal Bottom Sheet
  • Configuring & Using Themes
  • Custom Fonts & Working with Text Themes
  • Adding Images to the App
  • Flexible & Expanded: Deep Dive
  • Adding a ListTile Widget
  • Showing a DatePicker
  • Wrap Up
Understanding Flutter Widgets.2022-12-20T07:07:02+00:00
  • Stateless and Stateful Widgets.
  • Prebuild Widgets.
  • Creating your own widget.
  • Styling a New, Custom Widget.
  • Login-Signup Screen Design.
  • Best Design and Coding practices.
  • Splitting the App into Widgets.
  • Wrap Up.
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