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PU Assist is a college companion application which put together syllabus, progress tracking, old question collection including community and friends for sharing question-answers in an application. PU Assist serves student through the learning and growing process during their bachelor level.


Amazing Features


Find you sylabbus with ease.

Progress Tracking

Track your overall progress to work smarter.

Old Question Papers

Get an understanding of question patterns from the available papers.

Friends and Community

Get to know your university community.

Question and Answer Community

Help the community and get the help you require.


Post an anonymous confession on this platform.

Track Your Progress

What gets measured, gets managed! Track your progress and visualise your result in graphical manner. This visualization of your overall performance and progress helps you to determine where you stand and what you need to do to reach where you want. With PU Assist you can adjust your road to success. With that you can plan-prepare-perform.

Know Your Syllabus

For anyone to get through the semester, syllabus is the foremost thing required for guidance. Syllabus tells you what you really need to be prepared on so that you can achieve your goal. We have this guidance under Assets to help you and guide you through every hurdles you get in your journey.


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About Us

Everything on the Same App. PU Assist is a college companion application for the student of Pokhara University and its affiliated colleges. PU Assist is an application developed and built by Bazar Hub Pvt. Ltd. Company located in Pokhara 7. We are a team of enthusiastic people whose aim is to impact people’s life with the technology. PU assist comprises of syllabus, progress tracking, old question paper, question and answer community along with friends and community feature to assist you throughout your bachelor level. Our application provides students with assistance in their learning by providing different material of study and visualization of overall performance of student to urge them to grow and meet their target. Student can view the detail about their bachelor level journey in their dashboard. Addition to that students can live search their friend’s result using exam roll number. Students can also aid to this application by uploading different assets which can be useful for other students as well and can get reward for each aid. Once the college gets subscription of PU Assist, the internal results and notice regarding related college can also be viewed in our application. Besides that we have PSP program which allow appointment of one undergraduate student to be a part of PU Assist and post information relating to their related college. PSP students are closely tied to us and they also get different rewards for their support and contribution.

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