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Companion For Pokhara University Students

PU Assist is a mobile application which put together syllabus, progress tracking with results, old question collection including community and friends for sharing question-answers in an application as well as notify students with college events and notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQs asked by the users and its answers are given by us to solve your doubts. Select from the following list of question. Browse through the FAQs to find answer to commonly raised questions. If you are new customer and you have doubts then just go through it to clear your doubts.

How can I contact for support?2022-03-27T16:03:20+00:00
  • For any help you can contact our support at you may email us at contact@puassist.com or by phone at (977) 982-6111355, or by visiting this link.

What is PSP?2022-03-27T16:00:47+00:00
  • PSP, PU Assist Student Partner is a program introduced by PU Assist. A student is selected from each affiliated college of Pokhara University from the candidates by PU Assist team. They have the right to post Notice Announcement, Exam Routine and several other related information regarding their college which are helpful for other students. They are closely tied to us and they get reward for their support and contribution.

How do I identify the subject of my related programme?2022-03-27T16:00:01+00:00
  • The name of the programme is given under each subject title so that you can easily pick and look for what is necessary for you. You can also go through question paper of other programme if you are interested. More to this you can search your course of study through live search and find what is necessary.

    What can I get in Assets of PU Assist?2022-03-27T15:59:27+00:00
    • You can get all the necessary materials and motivation to prepare yourself for a semester. Syllabus, old question paper, pdf of books, you can search for the necessary assets through live search.

    Can I access assets offline?2022-03-27T15:58:57+00:00
    • No, you cannot access assets offline in PU Assist.

    Can I download or screenshot the assets?2022-03-27T15:58:26+00:00
    • No, you cannot download or screenshot the assets but can bookmark for later use. Since PU Assist is free application, one of the way for it to earn revenue is through advertisement so the ads are shown while you access the assets.

    How does PU assist earn revenue?2022-03-27T15:57:44+00:00
    • PU assist earn revenue through in-app advertisement and goggle advertisement. The advertisement are shown to user when they are accessing assets and their friend’s results.

      When can we get the feature of community?2022-03-27T15:56:55+00:00
      • We have set a timer for community, it will be launched on the date.

        Can I view my friends result?2022-03-27T15:55:45+00:00
        • Yes you can search for your friends’ exam roll number and can see the result, but you cannot get the result and graphs as you get yours. More to it, the name of your friend is not released but only exam roll number.

          How can I get college internal results?2022-03-27T15:55:09+00:00
          • You can get college internal results once the college gets the subscription of PU Assist.

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